AVG Security and Backup

Avast AVG for business and personal use is an industry leading security platform.  Our technicians can deploy software and updates from our central management portal, ensuring your machines safe from virus infections, malware, and ransomware;

Is Your Business Equipped to Fend Off Ransomware?

Don’t let your business be held to ransom. With the growing number of Ransomware attacks on businesses of all sizes, it’s never been a more important time to protect your business, assets and its future.

Businesses are no longer safe. Ransomware is quickly becoming the largest IT threat to business. It silently creeps into your network, encrypts files, folders and even entire disks – then it issues a ransom demand.

AVG Business has simplified security.  Now your business can be protected with a multi-layered approach to detecting and eliminating Ransomware.  With a variety of recognition and quarantine approaches, that’s what makes AVG’s award-winning security technology stand out.

Contact us on 01730 77 42 14 for more information on how to protect your business from the dangers of ransomware, viruses and malware threats.

  12 Months24 Months
AVG Antivirusmore info£22.99£39.99
Optional Services
Anti-Spam & Email Archivingmore info£32.99
Add encrypted emailmore info£97.99
Cloud Backup priced per 25Gb blocksmore info£68.99
Shadow Protect per servermore info£459.99
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