Broadband & Lines

*Please note as actual speeds may vary depending on location and line quality we will confirm a best, worse, and predicted download speed before committing your order.

SuperFast Fibre Optic Broadband.

Get in the fast lane with one of our fantastic broadband services with speeds of up to 80mbps*

Stream TV, movies, & music
Catch up on your favourite TV shows, relax with a film or listen to a new MP3. Get them all in higher quality, with fewer interruptions.

Quick uploads and downloads
Sending and receiving data shouldn’t be a chore. It isn’t with fibre optic broadband. You can move photos, documents, graphics and larger files quicker than ever before.

Online Gaming
Speeeed! Whether you’re a fan of racing, platforms or shoot em ups – enjoy all the thrills of your favourite online games.

SuperFast Broadband
Superfast 80 mbps download speeds, 1 or 12 month contract.

Phone lines
Fixed landlines are available for just £9.99 per month on a 12 month contract.

Simple call packages
From just £3.99 per month for free weekend calls to UK landlines.

 Fibre (FTTP)Fibre (FTTC)Fibre Essentials (FTTC)ADSL2+ADSL
Subscription (from)£40£35£30£25£20
Usage capUnlimitedUnlimited100GbUnlimited50Gb
Speed (upto)330Mbps80Mbps40Mbps20Mbps8Mbps
* Free on a 12 month contract otherwise £50 for a freedom monthly contract.

FTTP – True fibre to the premises internet with the following options;

  • 40:10                                     £40 p/mth
  • 80:20                                     £45 p/mth
  • 160:30                                   £60 p/mth
  • 330:50                                   £65 p/mth
  • Draytek 2862n wireless router £280 (one off)

*download:upload Mbps