Choosing the right email provider is critical if you want to succeed in today’s fast-changing business environment. Whilst there are free providers we at SAQ believe that our paid for POP3 and IMAP services are second to none, not only providing you with a fantastic feature packed and reliable service but this is backed by professional technical support for when you need it.  We provide everything you need to hosting email on your own domain name. Being fully managed our technicians will setup and configure your mailboxes and services and provide the settings for you, we can even use our remote support tool to login to your systems and configure your email clients for you so everything is ready to go.

Access your email anywhere

Our email services support email clients, such as Windows Live Mail, Mac Mail, Outlook, and many others.  In addition to this our service is fully compatible with Smart Phones and Tablet devices, we even provide a web based service where you can login and check your email from any internet enabled device.

Friendly Knowledgeable Technical Support

You won’t find this with any of the free services so take advantage of our friendly customer service, give our team a call and they will be able to provide expert knowledgeable technical assistance when you need it.  Technical support 03707 37 77 01.